Different and fun icecubes

Ice Cubes, Colorful, The Background

We might try something slightly different by purchasing trays which create cubes in a variety of shapes, but there are a lot more ways to jazz up a simple block of ice. In actuality, ice cubes and trays have the potential for a number of different applications – some of them practical and a number of them just plain fun.

Here are a few suggestions on the best way best to turn your ice trays from dull to fantastic, with only a couple additional ingredients.

These are a terrific way to add some style to beverages for functions, cocktail parties, intimate dinners as well as tea parties with friends.

Add some food colouring or even edible glitter to your ice trays to get a much more eye-catching option – this option is excellent for weddings or glitzy parties in which you wish to make an impression.

Freeze individual pieces of baby food for a fast and convenient way to warm and serve later. This saves loads of time for busy parents!

As cut herbs do not last very long in the refrigerator, this is a fantastic way to keep them clean until you use them.

When they are completely suspended, you’ll have delicious miniature ice lollies.

Otherwise add milk and sugar to taste to get a milder version.

Make ice sculptures out of the ice cubes by adding glitter, flowers, food colouring and other decorations prior to freezing. Once suspended, these blocks can be melded together with a little salted water, leading to fantastic creations made from ice.

Create an elegant, unusual ice cream dessert by adding your ice cream mix to individual ice trays instead of one big container. When the ice cream has set, you can build an edible ice cream brand that’s guaranteed to impress guests.

These can be added to beverages as entire cubes, or added into the blender together with yoghurt for a scrumptious frozen drink.

Freeze pre-made inventory in ice trays for a fast and convenient way to add flavour to soups and stews, without needing to remake stock from scratch.

Did you realize that your ice trays also have many diverse uses? These could be used for anything from bead and button storage to jewelry boxes, snack trays or office odds and ends storage. With so many unique ways to utilize both ice cubes and trays, these things become much less mundane and far more useful than you might have assumed before.